Ministry Of Land Job Circular 2019 –

Ministry Of Land Job Circular 2019 –

Bangladesh is the main country of agriculture. Agriculture is one of the sources of national income of this country and about two-thirds of the people live. Therefore, the importance of land resources in this country is immense. Land is one of the basic natural resources which is the main source of supply for human habitation, essential foodstuffs, raw materials in the industry, etc. But due to population growth and unplanned use of land, these important natural resources are decreasing day by day.

Along with the economic progress, the trend of urbanization, the extent of industrialization, the expansion of roads, hospitals, educational institutions, and the amount of land per capita is gradually shrinking. Important The use of these resources depends largely on proper planning. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the proper optimum utilization of these limited natural resources through a timely planning and policy. For this purpose, a land use policy has already been adopted by the Ministry of Land Job Circular

Ministry Of Land Job Circular

Ministry Of Land Job circular has published a job circular to appoint the people of Bangladesh.

ministry of land job circular


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