SSC Exam Result 2020 Publish Date


SSC Exam Result 2020 Publish Date

About SSC Exam Result 2020: Find out from here when you will give SSC Result 2020 / SSC Exam result 2020. SSC Result 2020 was published on May 6 at 12 pm. In addition, SSC Exam Result 2020 along with the filing Result 2020 and Vocational Result 2020 have been published.

SSC Exam Result 2020

Note that SSC, Dakhil and Vocational Examination 2020 were started in Bangladesh on February 3, 2020, together.

The written exam ends on 05 March 2020. SSC Result 2020, Dakhil Result 2020 and Vocational Examination results have been published simultaneously across the country. According to the published results, the average pass rate in the SSC and equivalent examinations of 2019 is 82.20 percent.

Total GPA – 5 got 105594 students. This year, the total number of students taking the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and its equivalent exams was 25,3,3, which is about 1 lakh more than the number of students who participated in the last 20. Out of this, 1,7,6 students and 1,2,212 students took the SSC exam this year.

SSC Result 2020 is published on the official results site of the Board of Education at and In addition, you will know from the Planet Bangla when you will know the rules of ssc result / ssc result for all updates regarding SSC results. Check out all updates on SSC Result 2020 from here:

See SSC Exam Results 2020 from here – SSC Result 2020

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SSC Exam Result 2020 – SSC Result 2020

SSC Exam Result 2020 – SSC Result 2020. The Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and equivalent examinations of the 27 secondary schools were started on Saturday, February 2 last, under the overall Education Board of Bangladesh. The written test runs from 2nd to 21st February.

Practical exams were held in the general education boards from February 25 to March 3, practical examinations were held from February 25 to March 3 at the Madrasah Education Board and practical examinations were held from February 28 to February 25 in the Technical Education Board. This year, a total of 2 million 3 thousand 5 thousand candidates are taking SSC, Entrance and Vocational Examination. Of these, 1 lakh 5 thousand 5 students and 1 lakh 5 thousand 12 students.

According to the Ministry of Education, the SSC exams increased by 5,7,6 this year compared to 20. This year, there are 5,212 SSC candidates on five general education boards. The Madrasah Board of Education is examining 1,0,122 candidates and the Vocational Examination of the Technical Education Board examines 1,2,3,2 candidates. This year, SSC and equivalent examination are being conducted in a total of 5 centers and 28,222 institutes across the country with the addition of SSC exam 20 and equivalent submission exam 20 and vocational exam 20. In addition, 4 exams were conducted in 5 centers abroad. According to the published results, the average pass rate in the SSC and equivalent examinations of 28 is 12.25 percent. Total GPA – 1 got 5,4,5 people.

SSC Exam Result 2020 – SSC Result 2020

SSC Result 2019 – SSC Result 20. Last year, the Education Ministry released the SSC exam results on May 7, ending the anxieties and anxieties of over 2 million candidates and their parents last year. The average pass rate for the SSC and equivalent exams last year was 6.4 percent. The total GPA-1 was 5,812 students. On that board, out of the total 20 lakh and 25 thousand 5 exams passed, 1 lakh 5 thousand 5.

Last year, the total number of candidates who participated in 5 education boards was 1,22,220, out of which 1,0,220 passed. And the participating students were 1,3,25. Of these, 1,3,3 have passed. It is seen that the pass rate of the students is 1.5 percent. And the pass rate for the students is 8.5 percent. That is, 2.5 percent more students passed the SSC exam this time.

On the other hand, out of the total GPA-5 students, the students are 5,3 and the students are 1,220. Students were ahead of the students in getting GPA-5.

At 9 am, Education Minister Dipu Moni released SSC Result 20 at the International Mother Language Institute Auditorium in Segunbagicha.

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SSC Exam Result 2020 – SSC Result 2020 with numbers

ssc Result 2019 – Result ssc with numbers. Many people get test results from school, but in this age of internet you can get the results of your or your family’s test with your handheld mobile or you can start cheering long before the result is good. On the day of the release of SSC test results, millions of people try to get into the Education Board’s web site, so the server is sometimes down. And because the address of the Board of Education’s website is a little bigger, many failed to remember it. This is our small effort for them.

Check out SSC Result 2020 / Submit Result 2020 from the video below

When will SSC Result 20, Dakhil Result 21 and Vocational Result 20 be published? When / SSC will release the result

SSC Result 25 was released on May 7, SSC Result 25 was published on May 7, SSC Result 25 was published on May 7, SSC Result 25 was published on May 7, SSC Result 25 was released on May 7, And this year SSC Result 20 will be released on Monday 7 May at 2 pm.

SSC Result Rules – Secondary Result 2019 SSC Result Of All Boards –

See SSC Result 20 of all boards from here

How to get SSC Result 2020:

You can get the SSC Result 2020 Result in two ways:

4) SSC Result 2020 via SMS on mobile

To get the result of SSC (SSC Result 2019) Examination on your mobile, go to the message option of mobile and write: SSC space The first three letter space of your board name send your roll number space 2019 and 16222 to this number.

Example: SSC DHA 123456 2020> SEND TO 16222 (from any operator’s number)

How to know SSC Result through SMS. SSC exam results SSC Result 20

Code name of all education boards of Bangladesh:

DHA – Dhaka Board Result

BAR – Barisal Board Result

SYL – Sylhet Board Result

COM – Comilla Board Result

CHI – Chittagong Board Result

RAJ – Rajshahi Board Result

JES – Jessore Board Result

DIN – Dinajpur Board Result

MAD – Madrasah Board Result

TEC- Technical Board Result

Return SMS will be available on your desired SSC exam result. However, as a result of the past few years experience, it is often too late to get SSC result through SMS.

2) How to view SSC Result 20 through internet

The results are published on the Internet only from the website of the Board of Education. So, to view your SSC Result 20, go to the Education Board web site and fill in the specific cell along with your exam name, board, roll number, registration number and press the submit button. Or check your results right here.

See how to see the SSC exam results from the Education Board website

SSC Result 20. SSC exam results SSC Result 20

SSC / Submit / equivalent result can be found online here

View Result Without Registration Number

See SSC Result 20 from the Education Board website:



SSC Result 20 Details:

There may be occasional problems on the web site to view SSC result 20. To load the page, try again and again in the field or comment with your test, board, roll and registration number in the comment box below. We will inform you of your test results.

See SSC Result 2020 of All Boards

Name of the Education BoardEducation Board Official Web Address
Dhaka Education
Chittagong Education
Sylhet Education
Rajshahi Education
Barisal Education
Jessore Education
Comilla Education
Dinajpur Education
Madrasah Education Boardwww.bmeb.govbd
Technical Education

Website to see SSC Result 2020 of all boards –

SSC Result of Dhaka Board

SSC Result of Rajshahi Board

Chittagong Board SSC Result 20

SSC Result 26 of Comilla Board

Barisal Board SSC Result 2020

Jessore Board SSC Result 2020

Sylhet Board SSC Result 2020

SSC Result of Dinajpur Board

Madrasah Board Submitted Result

Vocational Result of Technical Board

SSC Exam Result 2020 Recheck Procedure:

After getting SSC Result 25, if you think your result was wrong then you can apply for SSC Result 25 re-evaluation/correction via SMS with Teletalk Prepaid Mobile. The application process is as follows:

To apply, go to the message option of mobile and type RSC then the first three letters of your board name with space, then your roll number with space then write the subject code and send it to 16222 at this number.

In this case, a fee of Rs

On return, SMS will be sent a PIN number stating how much money will be deducted as application fee. If you agree

Go to the message option of mobile and type RSC then YES with space, then pin number with space and then send your contact number to 16222 with space.

Multiple applications can be applied to the same SMS. Use a comma after writing a topic code for it.

See SSC Result 20


SSC Result 2020, Dakhil Result 2020 and Vocational Result 2020 –

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